NVIDIA PureVideo® HD Technology
GeForce 9100M G includes a PureVideo HD processor that takes on all the complex and demanding video decode processing, bringing HD video to life while using less power, so you can watch the latest high-definition video unplugged for much longer than with any other solution.

Hybrid SLI® Technology
NVIDIA Hybrid SLI technology delivers multi-GPU benefits when an NVIDIA motherboard GPU is combined with an NVIDIA discrete GPU. With GeForce 9100M mGPU, the essential benefit of this technology is the ability to boost graphics performance with GeForce Boost.

HybridPower™ Technology
HybridPower technology unleashes graphics performance when you need it, and lets you switch gears to a lower-power mode for longer battery life and quieter operation when you don’t. This reduces system power consumption dramatically and extends battery life by up to 20% longer.

GeForce Boost Technology
GeForce Boost technology spreads the graphics-processing over both GeForce GPUs (discrete GPU and motherboard GPU) in a Hybrid SLI notebook, increasing gaming performance up to 80%.

NVIDIA MediaShield™ Storage Technology
NVIDIA MediaShield technology provides easy access and safeguards your most important digital media assets -- reliably and scalably. In notebooks with more than one hard drive, you have the option of saving data on both drives for real-time, safe backup of all your data or you can stripe data across both drives for ultimate performance.

NVIDIA PowerMizer® System Extensions
The dedicated PowerMizer microcontroller constantly monitors application and device activity to turn devices on when needed and put them back to sleep when not in use. Microsecond responsiveness delivers power savings without adversely affecting performance.