NVIDIA® GeForce® 9400M G motherboard GPU1 redefines the notebook architecture by combining a mainstream GPU, system memory controller, and system I/O into a single chip for the smallest, most power efficient visual computing experience ever available in notebooks.

High quality visuals and compatibility on-the-go
Five times the graphics performance of Centrino 2 notebooks2 with the same power consumption, you can do more without needing to plug-in. Immerse yourself in your favorite full-length high-definition movie or 3D applications on a single battery charge and still have battery juice to spare – transforming your notebook into a personal entertainment theater. GeForce 9400M delivers the same legendary game compatibility with all the latest titles as NVIDIA’s enthusiast GPUs.

Built-in NVIDIA® CUDA™ processor accelerates next-generation applications and games
Transcode videos to your portable media player in real-time or experience stunning realism in games or social networking virtual worlds with NVIDIA® PhysX™. Use your notebook from any mobile location to help fight many of the world’s most devastating diseases with the Folding @ Home distributed computing project.

Optimal power management and amplified performance
Enjoy an hour or more of additional battery life or an 80% increase in performance with Hybrid SLI® technology – the optimal performance on your everyday notebook PC.

1 - Please note that for Apple products, this goes by the name GeForce 9400M.
2 - Centrino 2 (Montevina, Intel GM45 chipset). Perf numbers are 3dMark Vantage.