Legendary GeForce Compatibility
GeForce® is the software developers’ graphics solution of choice when designing and testing their games and applications. You can be sure that the games and other software you buy will work on GeForce.

CUDA Technology
The 16 parallel processors built into GeForce 9400M G are harnessed by CUDA™ Software to accelerate a broad range of compute intensive applications, vastly improving your notebook’s ability to work with visual content.

Hybrid SLI Technology
NVIDIA Hybrid SLI technology combines the processing power of GeForce 9400M and a GeForce 9200M or 9300M GPU to boost graphics performance with GeForce Boost.

HybridPower™ Technology
HybridPower technology unleashes graphics performance when you need it, and lets you switch gears to a lower-power mode for longer battery life and quieter operation when you don’t. This reduces system power consumption dramatically and extends battery life by up to 20% longer.

GeForce Boost Technology
GeForce Boost technology spreads the graphics-processing over both GeForce GPUs (discrete GPU and motherboard GPU) in a Hybrid SLI notebook, increasing gaming performance up to 80%.

NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology
GeForce 9400M G includes a dedicated PureVideo® HD processor that offloads all the complex and demanding video decoding from the power-hungry CPU. With this purpose-built HD video post processing engine, the GeForce 9400M G brings clear and crisp high-definition video to life, accurate color, and precise image scaling for movies and video while using less power for longer viewing on-the-go.

NVIDIA PowerMizer System Extensions
The dedicated PowerMizer® microcontroller intelligently monitors application and device activity to seamlessly adapt performance to suit the task at hand. By matching the performance to the application, PowerMizer ensures the GeForce 9400M G provides the longest battery life possible.