GeForce GTX 560M

GeForce GTX 560M

With 2x the performance of our popular GT line of mobile GPUs, the GeForce GTX 560M plays the latest DirectX 11 games without breaking a sweat. And with Optimus support, it also provides great battery life.

Product Briefing

See How the GeForce GTX 560M Performs in Games

Witcher 2 BF: Bad Company 2 Mafia 2
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GeForce GTX 560M in Action

NVIDIA's Andrew Coonrad shows you why the GeForce GTX 560M rocks for LAN parties.
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How well does the GeForce GTX 560M perform?

See how it compares to other GPUs in the 500M Series
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Review Roundup

Check out some independent reviews in our comprehensive review roundup.
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