NVIDIA SLI intelligently scales graphics performance by combining multiple GeForce GTX GPUs on an SLI certified motherboard. With over 1,500 supported games, and day-of-release SLI profiles for the latest titles, SLI is the technology of choice for gamers who demand the very best.

SLI features an intelligent communication protocol embedded in the GPU, a high-speed digital interface to facilitate data flow between the two graphics cards, and a complete software suite providing dynamic load balancing, advanced rendering and compositing to ensure maximum compatibility and performance in today’s latest games.


Thanks to Kepler’s architectural innovations, SLI scaling is higher than ever - across many popular titles scaling is over 90%, and at times 100%, instantly doubling performance.

No other hardware or software upgrade can increase performance so dramatically, making SLI the preferred choice for gamers seeking the ultimate experience.


Beyond just better performance, SLI offers a host of advanced features. For PhysX games, SLI can assign the second GPU for physics computation, enabling stunning GPU-accelerated effects that bring games to life.

For CUDA applications, a second GPU can be used for compute purposes such as Folding@home or video transcoding. And in a scientific setting, SLI can dramatically enhance DNA profiling, body imaging, and many other life-saving technologies.