275.50 Beta Driver Improves Duke Nukem Forever SLI & 3D Vision Support

June 20, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

Following on from the GeForce 275.33 WHQL-certified drivers, released June 1st, the GeForce 275.50 beta drivers include a few small changes for two of the latest games, new 3D Vision profiles, and the addition of SLI support for compatible AMD motherboards:

  • 3D Vision performance in Duke Nukem Forever has been improved when using a 3-Way or Quad SLI setup.
  • 3D Vision in Alice: Madness Returns is now rated as ‘Good.’
  • 3D Vision profiles for the following titles have been implemented:
    • Duke Nukem Forever Demo
    • Mars Benchmark
    • Rise Of The Immortals
    • Rusty Hearts
  • The use of multiple NVIDIA GPUs in a SLI configuration on SLI-certified motherboards with AMD 990FX, 990X and 970 chipsets has now been enabled, as promised in April.

Download the 275.50 beta drivers here.