NVIDIA Showcases 3D Video Wall at CES 2011

January 7, 2011

By GeForce.com Staff

While 3D movies have been making huge strides in the theatres over last couple of years, a lot of people still haven't seen modern 3D displays in action. NVIDIA is attempting to remedy that by showing off a 3D video wall at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

The video wall features 20 new 27 inch Acer displays showcasing NVIDIA's 3D Vision. In conjunction with the screens, the 3D video wall supports professional 3D glasses, which uses radio frequency as opposed to the more commonly sold infrared laser ones.

Speaking on behalf of the 3D video wall was NVIDIA's technical marketing manager Sean Cleveland.

In the video posted below, Cleveland talks about how games are already designed in 3D and how NVIDIA has been working to properly extract that information to create increased visual depth. According to Cleveland, the wall shows snippets from over 500 3D Vision-supported games.

In addition to the 3D Wall, NVIDIA's booth also showcases a Panasonic 3D TV. Unlike other 3D Panasonic TVs you might see at your local store, the one on display at CES 2011 is a whopping 103 inches. The TV is there to showcase 3DTV Play, which is software NVIDIA has developed to allow 3D TVs and PCs to hook up together to run 3D movies and games.

Click play to see footage from the show floor.