NVIDIA Launches 3DVisionLive.com

January 4, 2011

By Jimmy Thang

NVIDIA has launched 3DVisionLive.com, a new website that will allow people to view and share their own stereoscopic 3D photos.

Previously, 3D images could only be seen with red and blue glasses; using 3D Vision enabled PCs, 3DVisionLive.com will showcase 3D images they were meant to be seen: with depth, natural color, and clarity.

Users will be able to create private folders for their 3D images and can also share them with the community and have their images rated.

In addition to 3D photos, 3DVisionLive will also feature 3D videos. NVIDIA has teamed up with Fordela, a San Francisco-based Enterprise Video Management company, to showcase upcoming 3D trailers, music videos, sport clips, and more.

On the website's vision, general manager of 3D Vision Phil Eisler said, "The goal of 3DVisionLive.com is to create an online community where users can experience the best applications and content for 3D PCs." He added, "Now photo and video professionals and enthusiasts will see the future of their profession or passion in 3D with an easy-to-use website."

3D Vision-enabled PC owners can view the new website in all of its 3D glory by installing the 266.35 beta release drivers that were posted today.

If you're interested in sharing, viewing, or rating 3D images, make sure to sign up for an account.

To learn more about 3D Vision system requirements, visit the requirements page.