4 Amazing New Technologies for PC Gamers We Introduced at Computex


Stunning new virtual reality technology. Our new flagship gaming GPU. A new generation of smooth, stutter-free notebook displays. And content that makes the most of all these technologies.

We offered a look at some of our latest big ideas at the massive Computex trade show in Taipei this week. And we detailed how developers and PC makers are taking these technologies and building amazing new things. A quick recap:


  • GameWorks VR – We announced a new software development kit, GameWorks VR, to help VR headset and game developers build incredible new experiences.
  • GeForce GTX 980 Ti – Our new flagship GeForce GPU is an amazing upgrade for gamers who haven’t yet jumped to a Maxwell GPU.

  • G-SYNC Comes to Notebooks – There are now more ways to enjoy our smooth, tear-free G-SYNC display technology than ever before. That includes a new generation of gaming equipped with G-SYNC for the first time.

  • It All Works Together – At our GeForce VR Experience event, we invited thousands of people to experience how VR will redefine gaming. We invited press, partners, and select members of the public to our demo room for a look at how gear some of the world’s best content developers and PC makers are using our latest technologies.

This is what we love about Computex. None of these ideas here are just concepts. Our partners are building these technologies into the next-generation of games and gear.

As a PC gamer, you’ll get to enjoy it all first.