Acer Readies New Monitor With Built-In 3D Vision Emitter

February 14, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

Acer’s preparing to launch the HN274H computer monitor, a 120Hz 27” 1080p screen with NVIDIA’s 3D Vision’s IR emitter technology built directly into the monitor’s bezel, and a pair of NVIDIA 3D Vision 3D glasses in the same box, resulting in the world’s first all-in-one 3D Vision solution. As it’s impossible to show the quality of 3D technology without a 3D camcorder and a 3D screen there’s little point going into the specifics of the HN274H’s technical wizardry, but suffice it to say, it works pretty damn well. And don’t take just our word for it, read the review on the 3D Vision Blog, an independent site covering all things 3D – they’ve reviewed an engineering sample ahead of the unit’s official launch later this month, giving the screen a near-perfect write up.

If 27 inches are just a few too many, Acer’s got you covered with the launch of the 24 inch GN245HQ mid-March, just ahead of the release of this year’s most anticipated 3D Vision game, Crysis 2. Nigh on identical to the HN274H, the GN245HQ is set to launch at around $499, $200 less than the $699 HN274H. Whether an extra three inches is worth a $200 price premium is something you’ll have to personally decide, but whichever of the pair you do go for, it appears you’ll be purchasing a brilliant screen capable of playing all NVIDIA 3D Vision games, PlayStation 3 3D games, Blu-Ray 3D movies and 3D TV programs (Xbox 360 3D is not compatible, however).