APB to Re-launch with Closed Beta in February

January 5, 2011

By Jimmy Thang

If everything goes according to plan, once-dead MMO All Points Bulletin will re-launch next month with a closed beta. A tweet from the developers was as follows,

"If everything goes exactly like the plan, the Closed Beta will be launched somewhere in late February :)"

While there was no specific date range given for the beta, a subsequent tweet told fans to expect closed beta application details next week.

Originally released in June of 2010 by publisher Realtime Worlds, APB received less-than-stellar reviews. As a result of Realtime Worlds' financial woes in conjunction with the game's initial lackluster reception, APB's servers were shut down. The license was then sold to K2 Network, where the company handed the intellectual property over to its game development subsidiary Reloaded Productions.

APB will re-launch under the banner, "APB: Reloaded." Unlike its first go-around, APB: Reloaded will use a free-to-play MMO model.