ARK: Survival Evolved: Developer Discusses NVIDIA GameWorks & Future Game Features

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Last week we announced that ARK: Survival Evolved, a new indie smash hit, is to be enhanced with NVIDIA GameWorks effects as development progresses. This week at E3, we met up with Studio Wildcard's Kayd Hendricks to discuss the game, future game features, and NVIDIA GameWorks.

As Kayd Hendricks says, ARK’s team is particularly interested in two NVIDIA GameWorks effects: Turf Effects and WaveWorks.

Turf Effects enables the creation of fully dynamic fields of grass, comprised of several hundred thousand individual blades of grass, each of which can be affected by wind, player movement, and other external forces. Grass can be naturally shaded, blades can cast shadows and self-shadow, and each blade respects occlusion and clipping, ensuring a realistic experience.

WaveWorks, meanwhile, enables the creation of realistic oceans and bodies of water, with fully dynamic and highly realistic movement, ripples, and waves. Like Turf Effects, WaveWorks water can be realistically affected by wind, player and object movement, and other external forces, resulting in the most realistic water simulation seen to date.

Please note, these and other GameWorks features are in the initial planning and prototype stage and are not guaranteed to be in the final product.

For more on features that are fully integrated, stay tuned to