Ascend A Friend


We all want the best things in life for our friends. Friends help us move, eat our pizza, and are always up for picking off zombies in the goriest way possible. But what if your friend is gaming on hardware that struggles to hit 1080p/60FPS? Wouldn’t it be great if you could ascend him to something better?

Well now you can. Using the recently announced GeForce GTX 950 – our latest Maxwell-powered GPU – we want you to build your friend a PC. We’ll give you a GeForce GTX 950 and up to $500 worth of PC components of your choosing.

What do you need to do? We want to see your PC part picker list. We want to hear why your best friend in the whole world deserves to be ascended. We want to see the unfortunate object he or she is currently gaming on so we can laugh take pity on them. Convince us that he or she wants – nay, needs – to be ascended to the world of glorious PC gaming. Share your friend’s story on this PCMR Reddit thread.

After all, your friend deserves a better cardboard box experience. Or dragon slaying experience. Or dinosaur riding experience. Or…you get the idea. Give your friend better experiences with a GeForce GTX 950 PC on us.

May your framerates be high and your temperatures low.

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