Award-Winning Adventure, Leo’s Fortune, Arrives on the SHIELD Tablet, SHIELD Portable

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Developed by 1337 & Senri LLC., creators of the critically-acclaimed turn-based strategy game, Devil’s Attorney, Leo’s Fortune is a visually-stunning side-scrolling adventure that puts players in control of a mustachioed ball of fur named Leopold, or “Leo” for short.

At the beginning of the game, we learn that Leo, a once-esteemed inventor of great feats in engineering, is robbed of his entire fortune. Fortunately, the thief carelessly left a trail of gold coins behind for Leo to follow and slowly reclaim over the course of two-dozen levels loaded with physics-based puzzles and traps.

Leo’s Fortune features refreshingly simple gameplay mechanics, which primarily involve just two actions: moving Leo forward in the direction he’s facing and puffing out his fur, the later of which allows him to jump or glide through the air for short distances.

The game not only looks great on both the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Portable, but also plays well on those devices as it boasts full controller support for the SHIELD family of devices.

Due to the straightforward control scheme, players have the luxury of soaking in the game’s lusciously detailed settings without having to fuss with overly complicated controls.

From thick layers of moss growing on structures to realistic weathering on wooden contraptions, there’s a richness and texture to the game’s environments that demonstrate the developer’s masterful attention to detail.

The game also comes with built-in support for Google Play Games, allowing players to compete with friends and players online for the fastest level completion times.

Once players have completed all 24 levels in Leo’s Fortune, which is no easy task, they can try their hand at Hardcore Mode, a punishingly difficult mode where you must beat the entire game without dying at all.

Leo’s Fortune is now available to download on the NVIDIA SHIELD Hub for both the SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Portable. You can get it for less than a fortune at just $4.99.

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