Batman: Arkham City Trailer

By Jimmy Thang

Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for Batman: Arkham City.

A summary of the trailer (including trailer spoilers) are posted below:

The trailer starts off with a soldier being tortured by an anonymous man in a white lab coat. While being injected by needles, the soldier tells the man in the lab coat that he and his team members thought they were going to easily dispatch of Batman but were thwarted.

The video then goes onto showcase Batman beating up a dozen or so swat-type goons without too much trouble. While this is happening, the man in the white lab coat speaks highly of Batman, almost in admiration of his physical talents. The soldier said he felt helpless throughout their encounter. Batman then goes onto grab the soldier and holds him over the edge of a building. Batman asks the soldier who sent him, and the soldier replies, “Hugo Strange” while he’s being choked. The man in the white coat reveals himself to be Hugo Strange. Strange says he's not worried that Batman knows he was behind the attack because he knows all of Batman’s secrets, including his alter ego: Bruce Wayne.

While Hugo Strange may not be a household name, he is one of the comic book series’ oldest, recurring villains.

The trailer is showcased below: