Batman: Arkham Knight: NVIDIA GeForce GTX Batmobile GameWorks Trailer

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Batman: Arkham Knight is fast approaching, and as we revealed last week the PC version is filled with game-enhancing NVIDIA GameWorks effects.

This week we're showing off the Batmobile, and demonstrating how NVIDIA GameWorks' GPU accelerated Interactive Smoke & Fog PhysX effects greatly enhance Batman's armored ride and its weapons.

Like the effects shown last week, each can be manipulated by movement, environmental conditions and external forces, and move realistically around and across surfaces. This is particularly evident when the Batmobile simultaneously attacks and moves, affecting the smoke from its canon and missiles.

This week's video also gives you a better look at the particle shadows cast by Batmobile GPU-accelerated tire smoke, which further increases image quality.

Next time out we'll take a detailed look at the PhysX-powered Destruction found throughout the game, enabling Batman and his enemies to realistically destroy objects and other game elements.

If you wish to upgrade your PC in preparation for Batman’s return, select GeForce GTX 980 Ti, 980, 970, and 960 graphics cards are currently bundled with a free Steam copy of the game. If you need an entirely new system, however, select GeForce GTX 900 Series desktops and notebooks are also included in the offer. Check out the Batman: Arkham Knight bundle page for further details.