Batman: Arkham Origins Is Bursting With NVIDIA Technology

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Batman: Arkham Origins Is Bursting With NVIDIA Technology. Check Out The Exclusive Tech Trailer.

Warner Bros. and NVIDIA recently announced a technical partnership that will see Batman: Arkham Origins bolstered with NVIDIA-exclusive effects and technologies, creating the definitive Arkham Origins experience, unmatched by any other system or platform. Featuring an original origin story, Arkham Origins is set several years before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, when Batman was a myth, spoken about in hushed whispers by the criminal underworld.

Players of Asylum and City will be well aware of NVIDIA’s involvement in enhancing the two award-winning games. For Origins, we’re taking every addition, every feature, and every element to an entirely new level. Already, NVIDIA engineers are on-site at WB Games Montréal, helping integrate NVIDIA and PC-exclusive features, ensuring the eagerly-anticipated game makes full use of the power afforded by GeForce GTX-powered PCs.

Today, we’re offering a sneak peak at some of the exclusive enhancements, with more to be revealed at a later date. Without future ado, here’s the very first look at Batman: Arkham Origins running on a GeForce GTX PC:

As is’s style, we’ll be presenting a complete in-depth look at the technology shortly before Origins’ October 25th release, but in the meantime here’s a quick run-down of everything you just saw, and some other features we'll be demonstrating in the future:


  • GPU-accelerated NVIDIA PhysX effects add realistic particles to the world, enhancing smoke, steam, and falling snowflakes. Each particle exists within the world as a physical entity and reacts realistically to external forces, with several thousand coming together to form smoke and steam volumes.
  • NVIDIA PhysX also enhances the cloth found in Arkham Origins, allowing it to billow and move realistically, and to be destroyed. Individual pieces fall to the ground, persisting on-screen and being further manipulated by external forces.
  • NVIDIA TXAA temporal anti-aliasing eliminates the distracting movement of anti-aliased lines and edges, and also eliminates other artifacts associated with anti-aliasing. Edge anti-aliasing is comparable with 8xMSAA, but at the performance cost of 4xMSAA.
  • NVIDIA-enhanced DirectX 11 Tessellation adds real geometric detail to the snow that features heavily in Batman: Arkham Origins. With tessellation, Batman’s footsteps deform and manipulate the thick white blanket as you would expect, and each snow bank undulates with real geometric detail. Furthermore, we've tessellated Batman's cape, adding geometric detail that is affected by the world lighting, dynamic lighting effects, Percentage-Closer Soft Shadows, and HBAO+.
  • NVIDIA HBAO+ is a new, revolutionary Ambient Occlusion technique that adds realistic shadowing and shading around objects and surfaces that occlude light.
  • NVIDIA Percentage-Closer Soft Shadows add contact hardening soft shadows to the game, most noticeably on characters and Batman’s cape, increasing overall image quality.
  • NVIDIA Depth of Field and Bokeh adds high-quality depth of field rendering for cinematic scenes, when using Batman's new detective mode apparatus, and when delivering the final blow to goons blocking Batman's way.

Batman: Arkham Origins Is Bursting With NVIDIA Technology. Check Out The Exclusive Tech Trailer.

If you like what you saw you can now pick up the NVIDIA GeForce GTX Batman: Arkham Origins Bundle at participating e-tailers and retailers, which gives buyers of select GeForce GTX 660, 660 Ti, 670, 680, 760, 770, and 780 graphics cards a free Steam copy of the game upon its release on October 25th. For complete details and a list of the participating sellers, head on over to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX Batman: Arkham Origins Bundle landing page.