Eight Players Compete in Battlefield 3 Finals with NVIDIA 3D Vision 2

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October 15th 2011
By James Wang

"Keep that up! Keep that up!" shouted one gamer in a drill sergeant voice as he stormed the enemy outpost in Operation Firestorm, a new Battlefield 3 map unveiled exclusively for the GeForce LAN event this weekend in Alameda, California.

Four teams of sixteen players kicked off the tournament in Rush mode, where opposing teams take turns in offensive and defensive missions. The top eight were selected for the final four vs. four round, but with a twist: the final match was to be held in 3D, using NVIDIA's just announced 3D Vision 2 technology.

The original 3D Vision kit had a strong following but was generally preferred for single player rather than multiplayer modes. 3D Vision 2 is brighter, faster, and significantly reduces ghosting. One gamer remarked that it didn't just improve the experience, it helped him player better.

After hours of dueling, four finalists walked away with a GeForce GTX 580, a pair of 3D Vision 2 glasses, and an ASUS 3D monitor. Check out the video below for the highlights.