Battlefield 3 Trailer Shows In-Game Gameplay

March 2, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

The PR campaign for Battlefield 3 continues to gather pace despite the long-awaited first-person shooter being at least six months from release. Thankfully, the latest piece of PR is a lengthy look at the gameplay of Battlefield 3, rather than another quick-cut teaser trailer.

Depicting a squad of U.S. soldiers on a mission in an Iraqi city, the trailer follows the squad from their deployment through to an engagement with insurgents in a nondescript car pack, before concluding with a cliffhanger that’ll be resolved in the second part of the video, due for release two weeks from today, March 16th.

By showing lengthy sections of gameplay we can finally see the much-discussed graphics of Frostbite 2.0, developer DICE’s bespoke game engine. Going for a gritty, realistic approach rather than the glossy, explosive style of Activision’s Call Of Duty franchise, Battlefield 3 impresses with its keen eye for detail and the small touches, such as lingering smoke clouds and believable animation. By layering these details upon one another DICE has created an immersive game, rather than a whizz-bang one with blindingly-bright explosions and waxy-looking characters.

To watch the debut Battlefield 3 in-game gameplay movie click the large image below: