Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam Out Now

December 20, 2010

Electronic Arts has released Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam. An expansion pack to the DICE-developed first-person shooter Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the add-on will allow players to engage in five new online multiplayer maps within a war-torn virtual Vietnam.

Since having been released, the expansion has garnered much critical praise from several review sites:

IGN: “Bad Company 2 -Vietnam is among the best multiplayer experiences this year.”

3DJuegos: “Bad Company 2: Vietnam is the best option to add extra value to the best on-line action shooter this far.”

Meristation: “While it keeps the same gameplay modes as the original, the changes made due to the adaptation of the Vietnam war sometimes make it feel like a new game more than an add-on…”

Out now, gamers can purchase the $14.99 expansion through Valve’s digital download service Steam or EA’s online store.

To commemorate the release of the expansion, EA has released a launch trailer for the FPS. The video showcases helicopters, tanks, jungle warfare, flamethrowers and other chaotic explosions. Check it out below: