Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam Trailer

December 14, 2010
by Jimmy Thang

Electronic Arts has released a new trailer for Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam, an expansion to pack to this year’s smash hit Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Taking place in Vietnam, the trailer showcases a jungle-like multiplayer environment. As can be expected, the video displays the first-person shooter’s heavy physics-based engine. Explosions destroy wooden bridges, machine gun fire affects the land, and so forth.

Staying true to the Battlefield name, the expansion will allow players to control vehicles. Among controllable vehicles showcased in the trailer are cars and helicopters. In addition, players will be able to man machine-gun turrets on some of these automobiles.

The end of the trailer confirmed a price of $14.99 and a release date of 12/18/2010. Check out the video: