Blast Aliens, Solve Puzzles and Rescue Scientists in PixelJunk Shooter on NVIDIA SHIELD


Each week NVIDIA’s been giving SHIELD owners streaming access to new PC games to enjoy on their devices. This week’s #GRIDTuesday release is another independent title, PixelJunk Shooter, which delivers the goods when it comes to imaginative and addictive gameplay.

You are tasked with piloting a subterranean spacecraft though a vast complex of caverns on the planet of Apoxus Prime, avoiding deadly environmental hazards such as pools of erupting magma as you try to find and rescue trapped scientists. Naturally the caves are also full of all types of nasty alien denizens that would like very must to have you, and the scientists, for lunch!

Both brains and brawn will be needed to outwit your enemies and get past each level’s environmental obstacles. You’ll need to do things like blast a rock wall to set loose a reserve of cool water, flooding a lava-filled cavern and enabling you to safely pass—while constantly fighting for your life against swarms of alien baddies.

The puzzles and enemies get progressively more challenging, and you may discover that the game falls into that “just one more level” category. It can be hard to put down once you’ve started playing—you’ve been warned!

To play, just navigate to the GRID Games menu inside the latest SHIELD Hub app, select PixelJunk Shooter from the list of available titles, and enjoy.

The GRID Games library now includes 34 games that you can play on-demand on your SHIELD device for free. And NVIDIA’s committed to releasing new games every week on #GRIDTuesday—so mark your calendars.

GRID is an on-demand gaming service that streams a library of popular games to SHIELD devices in high definition, with fluid frame rates and low latency. GRID is like Netflix for games, and it’s available exclusively to SHIELD owners in North America and most of Western Europe for free though June 30, 2015. Coverage will be expanded to include Germany and the Asia Pacific Region next year. Go here to learn more.