BlizzCon 2011: This Year’s Costume Contest Takes Cosplay To A New Level


October 21, 2011

By Will Park

Quick, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind when we say “BlizzCon.” Ok, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind after Starcraft, Warcraft and Diablo? Right, you should be thinking “cosplay.” The 2011 BlizzCon Costume Contest delivered on its promise to impress, with the First Place winner taking the contest to a new level.

Cosplay – or costume play – is synonymous with the yearly gamers’ conference. Attendees go to commendable lengths to craft their own Blizzard game-themed costumes. Their goal is simply to strut their stuff amongst their peers and pose for photos. From Night Elves to Orcs to Terran Barracks (costumes don’t have to be humanoid characters), cosplay costumes run the entire gamut of Blizzard game characters.

But, some costumes are better than others. Entry-level getups are made from cardboard.The more complex outfits are made from fabric, paper mache and even fiberglass. Then, there are the costumes that would make even Hollywood take notice. It’s this special breed of Hollywood-quality costumes – those that obviously took a lot of careful thought and deliberate planning – that deserve special recognition. This special recognition comes by way of the costume contest.

Over 100 contestants jockeyed this year for the judges’ attention, as the first day of the show drew to a close. The costumes ranged from comical to complicated. There was even a smattering of sexy and revealing female costumes. In the end, though, it wasn’t the sexiest garb that won the judges’ hearts and minds.

It was The Adjutant.

The Adjutant

Avery Faeth, from Los Angeles, took top honors in the contest with the most original and intricate costume of the bunch. Her depiction of Starcraft’s “Adjutant” was unique and incredibly convincing – right down to her piercing, robot-like eyes and the mechanical face. Festooned with wires and transformed by some impressive makeup, Avery had the audience on their feet in applause. Her effort not only won her the distinction of taking the contest to a new level, she walked away with a cool $3,000 in cash.

Enjoy the photo gallery from the costume contest below.