BlizzCon 2011: BlizzCon attendees battle in DIY PC-building challenge


October 22, 2011
By Will Park

BlizzCon has come and gone, here in Anaheim, Calif, where 27,000 gamers came together to celebrate all things Blizzard. As part of our effort to help attendees gear up for their favourite Blizzard games, we hosted NewEgg’s DIY PC-builder challenge at our booth in Hall C.

The DIY PC-builder challenge was simple: pit pairs of tech-savvy attendees against each other and the clock as they build a GeForce-powered PC from scratch. The two contestants with the shortest overall times would take home the PC that they just built, with components provided by NewEgg and NVIDIA. Though there could be only two overall winners, everyone walked away with either a Kingston SSD hard drive or RAM upgrades from NewEgg.

The competition was intense. Gamers paired off to compete for the shortest time-to-boot amidst the noise from the showfloor, the bright lights of video cameras, flash photography and a crowd of interested onlookers. Even the most seasoned PC-builders found themselves struggling to focus.

In the end, only the elite prevailed.

BlizzCon 2011 DIY PC Challenge

Congratulations to our two winners, Shelly Choi (10 minutes, 9 seconds) and John Yoon (8 minutes, 11 seconds) for posting the shortest build times of the DIY challenge. They will both take home their freshly built gaming PCs, powered by two NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards.