Blow Your Buddies to Bits in BombSquad Now Live on NVIDIA SHIELD

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Since the advent of gunpowder, man has been awestruck by things that go “boom”. Let’s face it: there’s something utterly satisfying about sitting back and watching something explode especially within the harmless confines of a video game. That appeal is at the core of BombSquad, an irresistibly addicting multiplayer action romp developed by indie game designer and self-proclaimed visual effects geek, Eric Froemling.

Now available to download and enjoy on the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet and NVIDIA SHIELD Portable, BombSquad allows up to eight players to engage in multiplayer combat as they hurl bombs at each other until there is only one person left standing. Its simple gameplay design becomes a blast to play whether you’re playing locally with a group of friends or via an online network as the game supports up to eight players partaking in a wide variety of multiplayer mayhem: co-op, 4v4 team deathmatch, capture the flag, free-for-all and more. There are even racing, hockey and many other customizable mini-games that challenge players to complete a specific objective while bombing the brains out of each other.

BombSquad not only plays great on SHIELD with controller, but also features vibrant cartoon violence and visual built to shine on NVIDIA Tegra K1. Visual effects exclusive to Tegra K1-powered devices like the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet include higher bit-depth rendering ,1080p multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA) for improved image quality and twice as much graphical detail in explosions and debris.

Power Rankings have also been implemented in the latest version of BombSquad via a recent update that allow players to climb a global leaderboard by destroying competitors and winning online tournaments.

A big part of BombSquad’s charm is its extremely easy-to-learn, yet thoroughly engrossing gameplay design. The controls consist entirely of moving around the map while running, jumping, punching, picking things up and lobbing bombs (or other objects including enemies).

There are also loads of power-ups and explosives you can use to reduce your enemies to a cloud of smoke. On the defensive side, energy shields will absorb some of the damage your foes inflict upon you while med packs will restore you back to full health.

But the real joy lies in wielding BombSquad’s devastating array of explosives, which include enemy-freezing ice bombs, sticky bombs, land mines, triple bombs and trigger bombs that detonate upon impact. There’s even a boxing gloves power-up that allows you to deal more damage as you pummel foes with your fists. While most power-up will aid you in victory, you’ll want to avoid the curse power-up at all costs.

If you want to hang on to an especially memorable moment or battle, you can capture and replay your favorite gameplay videos in My Replays, which are available to view when you select Watch from the game’s main menu.

BombSquad is now available to download free on the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet and NVIDIA SHIELD Portable via the SHIELD Hub and TegraZone.

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