The Making of a Boutique Gaming PC (Part 5 of 6): Origin PC

Q: The new X79 platform has caused quite a stir for high-end system builders. Tell us about what you've been able to achieve with this new platform.

A: It’s basically the best of both worlds: Six cores that rip through rendering benchmarks at speeds we have never seen before AND Sandybridge architecture which we are able to overclock over 5.2GHz. It’s just an amazing amount of power running at extremely high speeds but still remaining cool with our high performance liquid cooling.

Q: Almost all of your X79 systems are built with two or more GeForce graphics cards in SLI. Why is this? How do these two technologies complement each other?

A: Customers choosing X79 are choosing high performance. So if you’ve made the decision to get a high end system, you definitely don’t want to go small when it comes to your video cards. Dual GeForce cards make a huge difference in your gaming experience, especially when playing games like Battlefield 3, Batman Arkham City, and Skyrim on a 30” monitor at 2560 x 1600. Simply the best way to game!

Q: Of all your gaming PCs, which model are you most proud of? Please give us a rundown of how it's built, from the component selection, construction, to testing.

A: I’m most proud of our award winning GENESIS desktop which has been the #1 performance PC on for more than 10 months in a row. We hand build every system here in Miami per each customer’s specific requests down to every detail including the case, lighting, and cable colors. We work with all of the best brands and we only use name brand parts from companies like ASUS, Corsair, Intel, NVIDIA, and EVGA just to name a few. If a customer wants something not listed on our site, we will go out and find that part for them. Every system runs through a gauntlet of testing here in our labs before it ships out to the end user. We run CPU and memory stress tests to test for stability and monitor temperatures. We run extreme graphics tests and actual games at high resolutions to test every GPU. We also test every port, every connector, and ensure that each ORIGIN PC arrives to our customers just like our award winning machines that you read about on websites and in magazines.

Q: When people buy a multi-GPU PC from you, what percentage choose SLI? What are the main reasons why people go with SLI?

A: By far most people choose SLI because they want the best gaming experience possible. ORIGIN PC customers play games at maximum resolution, with maximum anti-aliasing, all special effects on, and every setting at ultra quality. Once you play a game on an ORIGIN PC you can’t go back to a “normal” gaming experience. If you are running a game at 1920 x 1200 or above, you are really going to see a huge difference when you add in that second card.

Q: Many of our readers are avid system builders themselves. What are your top three tips for someone looking to build a high-end gaming PC?

A: Building a high end gaming system is an awesome experience. Make sure you have the time to do your research and get your parts from sources that are going to send you new parts and that have an exchange policy just in case you damage something during the build process. Read a whole lot of critic reviews and user reviews to see what works best for your needs. Build a PC with your user experience in mind and then use your budget accordingly. For example don’t get 32GB of ram for a gaming system because you just don’t need that much RAM. I also suggest a large power supply because even if you don’t go SLI right now, you want to have the power to add in the second cards down the road.

Q: Finally, there are quite a few vendors building high-end gaming PCs. What makes you special? What's your philosophy when it comes to building systems and taking care of customers?

A: With our background at Alienware we have over 12 years of experience building high performance desktops and laptops. We have direct relationships with all of the best computer brands and we provide the most customization options on the market. Our professional overclocking is not only benchmark breaking and award-winning, it’s also back 100% by our industry leading warranty. Every ORIGIN PC comes with free lifetime technical support and free lifetime labor for upgrades. We treat every customer the same: ORIGIN PC will help you design the best PC for your needs and then we will build it to your specs and support it for life.

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