Bulletstorm Character Developer Diary

December 20, 2010

By Jimmy Thang

Developer People Can Fly has released a new developer diary outlining some of the characters and story elements in Bulletstorm.

Using the Unreal Engine 3, the first-person shooter takes place in a sci-fi, foreign world. The video introduces main protagonist Grayson Hunt and his colorful cast of Black Op soldiers. While many games feature stereotypical characters, People Can Fly wanted to showcase the imperfections of the cast, in an attempt to make them more relatable. Like the villains, this means that even the heroes can be ruthless; however, the developer's goal is to make them still lovable.

Using the Unreal Engine 3, Bulletstorm does look somewhat similar to Epic Games' other popular shooter Gears of War. However, instead of fighting Locusts, the video shows the team being stranded on a world full of mutated cannibalistic marauders. With Bulletstorm, People Can Fly is attempting to "return the fun in first-person shooters."

To check out the diary, click play below. (Warning: The video contains some adult language)