CES 2011: Dell XPS 17 Showcasing 3D Vision Live Website

January 11, 2011

By Jimmy Thang

CES is the premier show for the latest gadgets and tech, and CES 2011 was no exception. In the following video, NVIDIA technical marketing manager Sean Cleveland showcases the new Dell XPS 17 laptop as it browses around 3DVisionLive.com.

The website, announced recently, is a portal by which NVIDIA, its partners, and community members are able to share, view, and rate each other's 3D content; this includes pictures, videos, and more.

While previous Dell laptops allowed enthusiasts to view 3D content, the Dell XPS 17 on display in the following video comes armed with a GeForce 555m graphics chip and features a 17 inch 1080p 3D screen.