CES 2011: Mionix Gear Eyes-on Video

January 11, 2011

By GeForce.com staff

GeForce.com recently checked out Mionix's latest and greatest gear at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Speaking with Mionix representative Jared Paulino, the first thing we were shown was the Naos 5000, which is the company's flagship gaming mouse. The adjustable weight-supported mouse features a braded cable that supposedly pushes durability without the threat of the tangle. One big selling point of the Naos 5000 is that it supports up to 5,040 DPI (dots per inch). In addition, gamers will be able to customize their DPI settings for different games.

Visually, the design of the mouse looks pretty cutting-edge. Additionally, gamers can tweak the laser mouse to emit a wide assortment of colored lights.

In terms of comfort, the mouse has been contoured to fit all the fingers. The Naos 5000 even has a pinky-rest slot. Paulino asserts that gamers will not want to take their hands off the device.

Moving on, two gaming headsets were showcased: the Sharkoon X-tatic digital and the Sharkoon X-tatic SP. The digital version represents the company's premium line, whereas the SP edition is the entry level headset. The Sharkoon X-tatic digital features four speakers in each earpiece for true Dolby Digital surround sound. It also comes with a detachable/bendable microphones and retails for $159.99 (US).

Check out the video below to see the devices for yourself: