Computex Is Gamer Heaven – and It’s Stocked With NVIDIA Gear


If you love PC gaming, then there’s no better place in the world right now than Taipei.

Our NVIDIA Gamers’ Day, held in the run-up to Computex, attracted a crowd of gamers, IT enthusiasts, bloggers, the media, and members of the public.

Gamers packed into our special event in Taipei.

Gamers lined up for hours to get into the NVIDIA Day venue in Taipei. More than 500 people crowded into the event in person. Another 2.5 million viewers watched a live stream of the event’s gaming action via

The day began with a quick introduction to NVIDIA technologies.

Gamers crowded around, flash bulbs popping, as NVIDIA’s own Tom Petersen introduced gamers to G-SYNC, and demonstrated how our GPUs can support high-resolution 4K gaming.

Say hello to my little friend: NVIDIA's Tom Petersen announced a Titan Z giveaway.

GameStream and ShadowPlay also grabbed enthusiastic responses from gamers and the press.

And when Petersen dropped news of a surprise giveaway — our new Titan Z dual GPU graphics card — fans went bonkers.

Another treat: exhibition matches featuring ahq, TPA and TPS – three of the most popular League of Legends professional teams in Taiwan.

No gaming event is complete without a little hands on time. Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and Daylight were among the games on offer.

Attendees blasted through these demanding titles with GeForce-powered PCs and notebooks from Acer, Aorus, ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and Razer.

They also competed for fun and prizes. At the end of the day, Team Hui Chi Tung Shan Mo won the top prize of US$10,000 by winning 7 straight matches.

More than a few left the hall smiling. Pick up our latest gear and we’ve got no doubt you’ll smile, too.