CPU Magazine: Dream PCs All Run on GeForce

September 20, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

Every year Computer Power User magazine creates a list of ‘Dream PCs,’ the ones you dream of owning, able to tackle any game with ease whilst looking fantastic on your desk. Ranging in price from $1,900 to an unbelievable $14,449, the PCs chosen are the best of the best and are all currently available for purchase from boutique PC builders in the United States.

This year, NVIDIA had its strongest showing ever; all fifteen "Dream PCs" were powered by NVIDIA’s GeForce 500 series graphics cards, with twelve of the fifteen using the GeForce GTX 580. Of those twelve, three are equipped with 2-Way SLI configurations, six with 3-Way SLI configurations, and one, the aforementioned $14,449 super PC, with a rarely-seen 4-Way SLI configuration.

Supporting the powerful NVIDIA graphics cards are suitably beefy Intel i7-2600K CPUs, one of which is overclocked to 5.2GHz, and i7-990X Extreme Edition CPUs, ensuring that the SLI configurations are fully fed to avoid any situations that would limit their overall performance.

Being Dream PCs the systems also come equipped every bell and whistle you can think of, and several that you can’t, such as twinkling LEDs and Plexiglas windows, because standard plastic window panels just aren’t suitable for top-tier setups. Several also feature custom paint jobs or designs, and AVADirect’s Custom Gaming PC utilizes a particularly striking BitFenix Colossus case design.

The systems also make extensive use of Solid State Drives, accelerating load speeds of games, applications, and Windows itself. Origin’s $14,449 Genesis rig uses four 256GB Crucial Real SSD C300s in a RAID-0 configuration, supported by a ‘standard’ high-performance two terabyte Western Digital Caviar Black hard drive.

Twelve of the fifteen super-charged PCs use DDR3-1600 RAM, most likely because higher-speed DDR3 RAM is only a few percent faster, at best, and costs a whole lot more. By sensibly using the most cost-effective choice the manufacturers featured have been able to include up to 24GB of RAM; an unprecedented amount.

Needless to say, given the aforementioned components, these are seriously impressive systems, even though some do truly cost an arm and a leg. If you’re in the market for a brand new boutique system, or simply window shopping, check out the complete Dream PCs 2011 article on page 54 of Computer Power User by clicking here. There’s plenty of other great content in there too, and each month’s issue is published free of charge.