Crysis 2 3D Trailer Released on

April 21, 2011

By Jimmy Thang recently uploaded a Crysis 2 3D trailer. 3D Vision users equipped with Microsoft's Silverlight browser plug-in can get a taste of what it would be like to play the critically-acclaimed first-person shooter in 3D.

Crysis 2

Taking place in New York City, the 3D trailer highlights the game's brutal destruction of The Big Apple. Aliens have invaded the area, explosions, and the crumbling of massive buildings are showcased in all three dimensions. The video does a good job of showing you different levels of depth through perspective of people near and far from the camera in addition to pop-out 3D moments with trains flying towards the screen. Especially impressive are the moments that zoom in on the nanosuit transformations. Here, flat surfaces transform to small mountainous rocks and you'll want to reach out towards your monitor to touch and feel the textures as they contort in front of you.

To view the video and more 3D content, visit The site also has a handy-dandy guide for users who are interested in building a 3D-capable gaming rig.