Crysis 2 Trailer Teases Interesting Story Tidbits

February 2, 2011

By Jimmy Thang

Crytek has released a new trailer for Crysis 2. Titled "Be Strong," the cinematic video showcases high-octane action and reveals that the alien feud has been going on for over a century.

The main focal point of the trailer addresses the Nanosuit's capabilities. An in-game character/trailer narrator suggests that with the suit, "only you can finish what [he] started over a century ago." The Crysis Nanosuit was created out of the technology that was revealed in the original game.

Another interesting story point that the trailer covers has to deal with the enemies. While there are plenty of aliens in the video, there are also humanoid soldiers. Whether these soldiers have aligned themselves with the aliens remains to be seen.

In terms of cinematic quality, the trailer looks awesome and very movie-like. In juxtaposition with the fast edits is an adrenaline-pumping Nine Inch Nails-sounding score.

Click play to watch the video below: