Crysis 2 Demo Coming To On March 1st

February 24, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

The much anticipated Crysis 2 PC demo will be available to download from come March 1st. Featuring two “stunning” maps, two multiplayer modes and hours of multiplayer action, the Crysis 2 demo is set to be one of the most popular freebies of 2011.

In the demo players will compete in six-versus-six matches taking place across a war-torn Manhattan in two distinctive maps: ‘Skyline,’ a series of rooftops and skyscraper interiors; and ‘Pier 17,’ an open environment with limited cover. ‘Team Instant Action’ pits groups of players against one another in an attempt to kill as many opponents as possible before the clock runs out, while ‘Crash Site’ sees players vie for control of alien drop pods, earning points through continued control of the mysterious devices, and through the killing of enemies in their vicinity.

So there you have it, a substantial demo free of charge, available directly through without any queues or unnecessary steps. Furthermore, will play host to additional exciting Crysis 2 content on March 1st. First and foremost, we will be releasing the very first benchmark results from the game, showing performance and visual fidelity across a range of GeForce graphics cards.

And finally, will be giving one very lucky reader a $5,000 Maingear Crysis 2 Dream Machine, equipped with three NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 graphics cards and an Intel Core i7 processor. For a chance to win visit on March 1st and follow the instructions on our dedicated rewards page.