Dark Spore PvP Developer Diary Video

December 15, 2010

by Jimmy Thang

Maxis has released a developer diary detailing the player versus player mode in Dark Spore. While Dark Spore is an offshoot of single-player game Spore, the game will feature much more competitive/multiplayer aspects of play.

In the video, the developer showcases 2v2 arena combat. In Arena, players pick a squad of heroes. Each squad acts like different classes with different spells and abilities. The video walks players through some of the different curses and spell effects in the game and showcases some team tactics.

The Arena battles are setup in a best-out-of-three format. The mode allows the losing team to change out their squad after each round. Maxis notes that there will be multiple arenas to choose from, each offering different looks and configurations.

Check out the developer diary below: