Dead Island CG Trailer Wows The Internet

February 17, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

Announced in 2007 before the current zombie-game fad, Dead Island is back on everyone’s radar following the release of a three-minute cinematic CG movie that has quickly become one of the most talked about topics on the Internet. Available to watch below, the trailer depicts a family under attack by zombies in the first-person action game’s fictional holiday destination. Built on an island, the Royal Palms Resort is a luxury paradise filled with holiday makers, but as is the way in games the once-pleasant tourists soon turn into zombies, more concerned with eating human flesh than hogging the swimming pool’s towels.

In the four years since Dead Island’s announcement, Polish developer Techland has modified and refined their concept - where there was once one survivor of the zombie apocalypse there are now four, controlled either by friends online via a seamlessly integrated co-op mode, or offline by the game itself. Role-playing elements have been introduced to add depth to campaign character progression, and a weapon customisation and creation mode has also been implemented, bringing to mind thoughts of Dead Rising’s riotous item-combination gameplay.

Graphically, the alpha-stage screenshots show promise, and as Techland were the first studio in the world to release a game with enhanced DirectX 10 effects we’re hopeful that Dead Island will tax GPUs as heavily upon its release later this year as Call of Juarez did in 2007. Please be aware that Techland’s trailer features simulated scenes of graphic violence and other content that is not suitable for minors. Furthermore, some adults may find elements of the trailer upsetting, so please use personal discretion when choosing whether to stream the aforementioned video.