The deadmau5 Project: Episode 1

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deadmau5 loves art, video games and technology, including NVIDIA’s! Join us as we embark on a loud colorful journey to create the Ultimate mau5 Spec Stream Lab in collaboration with our favorite Electronic Music Producer, Joel “deadmau5” Zimmerman.

Here at NVIDIA, we push technology to build products that not only supercharge computers but also inspire communities and fan the fires that drive them to create. Yet this GeForce Garage project is a little different. This time out, we’re collaborating with one of our favorite artists, Joel “deadmau5” Zimmerman, an Electronic Music Producer and performer from Toronto, Canada. He’s also a hardcore gamer who loves art and technology. deadmau5's composed tracks can even be found in several popular titles, including Dota 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV. Yet when we caught a glimpse of his gaming rig... It’s like Kris says, “We knew we and he could do better.” After accepting our invite to collaborate, we joined forces and set out to build the ultimate “mau5 Spec” Stream Lab.

This premiere episode in our 3-part series focuses on concept and design. Working with Joel was a blast! His love for art, toys and video games provide an endless list of ideas and themes for our PC mods. Ultimately it was his love for supercars that won out. We are crafting four stunning PC mods each themed after a different supercar from mau5’s own collection. Watch as NVIDIA Creative Director Jules Mann carefully selects the most visually striking and iconic aspects of each vehicle to be adapted and infused into each unique PC mod.

Don’t miss what has quickly turned into our most ambitious GeForce Garage project to date, with world-renowned Electronic Music Producer – deadmau5!