The deadmau5 Project: Episode 2

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It’s all taking shape as the NVIDIA GeForce Garage reaches the mid-point on our road to the Ultimate mau5 Spec Stream Lab.

We are in the GeForce Garage with Electronic Music Producer, Joel “deadmau5” Zimmerman, collaborating to build him the Ultimate mau5 Spec Stream Lab. We’re talking about five gorgeous and completely original PC mods built to visually stir envy, increase Joel’s productivity and play any game he decides to throw at them. Four of these PC mods will be modeled after a different supercar from Joel’s own collection. In episode one NVIDIA Creative Director Jules Mann worked with Joel to nail the conceptual design, taking the coolest features of each vehicle and translating them to kickass PC mod designs.

In this 2nd episode of our 3-part series, it’s time to get serious as we’re now tasked with making real life PCs from all our beautiful conceptual designs. To help us get these mods from graphic designs to high performance gaming rigs, we called in a number of heavy-hitters in the modding community, and tapped some of our strongest partners for components and accessories. In this special episode we also get a glimpse -- quite literally -- inside the “heads” of mau5 as he gives us a very rare tour of his mau5 head collection, most of which have been worn by Joel during his shows and performances. As seen in the video, the mau5 heads are more than props, making creative use of both technology, engineering and some really cool visuals.

These are the very aspects we’re bringing to Joel’s Ultimate mau5 Spec Stream Lab. We’re nearly there. Watch how it all comes together.