Defenders Of Ardania Announced

February 7, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

Paradox Interactive and Most Wanted Entertainment have today announced Defenders Of Ardania, a single player and multiplayer tower-defence game set in the world of Majesty, Paradox’s popular fantasy RTS franchise. On top of the normal tower-planting mechanic, there’s a twist – players must also take control of the units attempting to conquer the enemy stronghold.

Available for purchase in the second quarter of 2011, Defenders Of Ardania tasks players with overseeing unit production, purchasing upgrades, the casting of magic, and the construction of 24 towers that can be further enhanced. In multiplayer, two to four players can compete in competitive matches in three different modes, or team up to cooperatively defeat AI opponents.

Below, you can watch the first Defenders Of Ardania trailer, and if you wish learn more about the game check out a video interview featuring Executive Producer Mattias Lilja, over on YouTube.