Dirt 3 Complete Edition Races onto NVIDIA SHIELD


Drivers, start your engines! It’s time for more “blood, sweat, and gears” with the release of Dirt 3 Complete Edition today on SHIELD. Just connect to NVIDIA GRID to play.

Take the original award-winning Dirt 3 and pile on all the DLC that was added after the game’s initial release, and you’ve got the Complete Edition. So this means more cars, more locations, more routes and more events for you to master—more than any other game in the series, in fact.

Hop in one of the more than 50 available rides, and then fight to elevate your world standing in professional off-road rally stages set in Europe, Africa, and the US. Then, between rally races, showcase your driving skills in a new Gymkhana mode that challenges you to navigate obstacle courses while pulling off various tricks.

To play Dirt 3 Complete Edition, navigate to the GRID Games menu within SHIELD Hub, select the game from the list of available titles, and hit the gas!

The GRID Games library now includes 49 PC games that you can play on SHIELD devices, and we’re adding new games regularly. Join the conversation on Twitter and use the hashtag #SHIELDTuesday to tell us which PC games you’d like us to add next.

GRID is NVIDIA’s an on-demand service that streams a growing library of popular PC games to SHIELD devices. Go here to learn more.