E3 2011: Arma Developer Unveils Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

June 9, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

Bohemia Interactive has unveiled Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, a new version of the classic 1988 strategy game, Carrier Command. Having previously developed Operation Flashpoint and Arma titles, Carrier Command marks Bohemia Interactive’s first foray into science fiction, and will hopefully prove that the Czech studio is capable of developing titles that aren’t super realistic and are immediately entertaining.

For those who skipped the 1988 original, or weren’t alive at that time, Carrier Command tasked players with overcoming a more powerful enemy carrier that is hell bent on dominating the environment. To do this, planes, drones and other vehicles were at the captain’s command, as were the ornaments of the carrier itself. For Gaea Mission, Bohemia Interactive is promising a story-based campaign that intersects with the Gaea Universe novels and a free-roaming strategy mode based on the original game’s premise.

As you’d expect from a follow-up twenty-three years later, there are more vehicles, an upgrade system, fuel and ammo stocks, and a whole range of buildings that can be constructed on conquered islands, of which there will be thirty-three in six distinct areas. In addition, the aforementioned vehicles can be remotely controlled at any time, and programmed with autonomous AI routines for when the player is fighting fires elsewhere.

There’s plenty more info to be revealed before the game’s 2012 release, so for now check out the screenshots on this page, the trailer below, and Carrier Command: Gaea Mission’s official website.