E3 2011: Far Cry 3 Announced, 7 Minute Gameplay Movie Released

June 7, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

At Ubisoft’s wacky E3 2011 press conference, the French publisher stunned attendees by announcing Far Cry 3, an unconnected follow-up to Far Cry 2. Unlike the second Far Cry game, which was completely different to its predecessor, the mutant-filled, Crytek-developed original, Far Cry 3 simply tweaks the popular Far Cry 2 formula, dropping baggage like ‘realistic’ weapon degradation and the need to open an animated map every few minutes (one can only hope that they’ve dropped or scaled back the over-zealous enemy respawn system also).

The player now controls Jason Brody, “a man alone at the edge of the world,” who’s somehow found himself trapped on a tropical island filled with violent thugs and psychopaths, such as Vaas, the profanity-spewing antagonist in the seven-minute, commentated gameplay movie below. The goal, beyond survival, is unclear at this time, but the Swedish developers do promise that Jason “won’t have a debilitating disease,” and “won’t have to stop on a regular basis to take his pills,” something that annoyed some players greatly. The developers are also reducing the size of the play area to ensure that each moment is fun and the time between big set pieces is reduced, which will also make backtracking to towns, hubs and quest givers far less tiresome.

Far Cry 3 will arrive on the PC and consoles sometime next year courtesy of MASSIVE Entertainment (highly lauded RTS specialists before being acquired by Ubisoft), Ubisoft Montreal, and Ubisoft Shanghai (implying the existence of a multiplayer component; their speciality).