E3 2011: Mass Effect 3 In-Game Trailer & Screenshots Released

June 7, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

Following an exquisite cinematic announcement trailer earlier in the year, BioWare has finally shown in-game Mass Effect 3 footage as part of its E3 2011 trailer. Concluding the trilogy, but not necessarily the franchise, Mass Effect 3 sees the Reapers invade Earth, and it is of course down to Shepard and his eclectic band of companions to stop them.

BioWare also used E3 to announce the N7 Collector’s Edition, a $80 premium edition of the game. $20-$30 more than the standard edition (depending on the game’s price at your retailer of choice), the N7 Collector’s Edition packs in a seventy-page hardbound art book, a pint-sized lithograph, a Dark Horse comic, four in-game weapons, alternate skins for your companions, a hoodie for Shepard to wear when on the Normandy, a robotic dog that can be played with, and a digital soundtrack - compared to other premium packages that sounds like a pretty sweet deal, especially if you’re a fan of game art and comics.