E3 2011: Rage Gameplay Trailer & Screenshots Released

June 8, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

id Software, now under the ownership of Fallout publisher Bethesda Softworks, has released a lengthy gameplay trailer highlighting the two sides of their new first-person shooter Rage. Starting with some talk and the acquisition of quests, the video demonstrates id Software’s tech 5 facial and lip-syncing animations, and then transitions into an underground combat scenario, seeing the player clear out the aforementioned area for the town goers.

Story wise, an extinction-level event is about to occur thanks to a whopping great big asteroid that’s hurtling towards Earth, and so, in an attempt to save the human race, the rich, powerful, and overly intelligent are packed into stasis pods buried deep beneath the planet’s soon to be decimated surface. Upon resurfacing many, many years later, the player will discover that they are the only survivor of their pod, and that the Earth is now inhabited by mutants and nomadic tribes of humans, some of which live peacefully in heavily defended settlements.

Played in first-person with a range of weapons, gadgets and special items, Rage also switches to third-person for the game’s buggy segments. Used for getting from A to B, the player will upgrade their buggy throughout the course of the game in an effort to survive the mutant hordes and bandits. Those seeking a bit of extra cash can also participate in races and other events.

Online is also catered for, with yet-to-be-detailed co-op modes and competitive multiplayer matches, ensuring that Rage offers something new and exciting long after the credits roll at the conclusion of the single-player campaign.

And as you might expect, it all looks rather nice, being a game programmed by John Carmack, the world’s leading game engine developer. Running on the new id Tech 5 engine, Rage will introduce enhanced Megatexture technology and a number of other technological upgrades, all of which can be run at sixty frames per second on the latest GPUs.