E3 2012: “Next-Gen” Planetside 2 Powered By The GeForce GTX 670

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By Andrew Burnes On Thursday, June 7th, 2012

NVIDIA is out in force at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, powering many of the game presentations and game stations with GeForce GTX graphics cards, displaying the capabilities of Tegra 3 on mobile devices, and enhancing cloud gaming demonstrations with GeForce GRID. Beyond the playing of games, there are live videogame music concerts, giveaways, the celebration of The Way Its Meant To Be Played’s tenth anniversary, and meeting rooms packed with business folks eager to sign on to TWIMTBP, enhance their titles with NVIDIA technology, or support GeForce GTX gaming in general.

For you at home, we’ve got a camera crew and interviewer on the show floor speaking to the developers of the PC games that will make good use of your GeForce GTX graphics cards.

To kick things off we visited Sony Online Entertainment’s booth to check out the eagerly anticipated Planetside 2, a free-to-play massively multiplayer online first-person shooter that sees over 1,000 players duke it out simultaneously for control of resource-generating bases. Creative Director Matt Higby gave us a quick rundown of the game and then dived straight into the tech, extolling the virtues of the game’s internally developed engine before detailing NVIDIA’s involvement with the project:

“Everything uses real-time physics using the NVIDIA PhysX engine, so vehicles behave realistically, they crash realistically, they flip over realistically… all of that is because of the NVIDIA PhysX system. We’ve been working really really closely with NVIDIA for all sorts of things. Obviously, we use PhysX for all of our physics, but we are also using PhysX for our particles effects to make them behave more realistically, and a lot of that has been from working directly with NVIDIA engineers.”

“We’ve also really pushed the bar in terms of what stunning graphics this MMO can create – no other MMO on the market has graphics like Planetside 2 has, and a lot of that’s been from working really closely with NVIDIA engineers to figure out how far we can push the hardware before it reaches its breaking point (it’s been really awesome finding out that it hardly ever does – it’s just up to us to keep trying to push!)”

Matt continued, revealing the hardware the developers are using to show Planetside 2 to the press at E3, and to the public via the studio’s impressive trailers:

“We’re running almost exclusively on GeForce GTX 670’s here at the E3 booth. We’re really happy with the performance we’re getting out of the 670 video cards, and we can’t wait to see more and more of those out there so everybody can be running Planetside 2 at 2560x1600, which is what we run it at back at Sony Online Entertainment. Planetside is enormously graphical, so you’ll be able to see a level of texture detail on characters and in the world that is unprecedented in an MMO, and even in a FPS. We’re really trying to take a complete next-gen approach to how we are building the world so people are visually stunned wherever they go.”

For info on the game’s upcoming beta, free-to-play model, and more, check out the complete interview below.