E3 2013- Best of Indiecade: Staff Choices

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While NVIDIA designs our GeForce GPU lineup to bring the highest graphical quality to the latest AAA gaming titles, that doesn't mean we don't pay attention to the independent game creator. Several members of the GeForce Marketing team checked out the IndieCade Showcase at E3 in search for games we found interesting, compelling, and just plain fun. Maybe one of these will be the next big hit.


Staff Choices

Peter: The Dead Linger by Sandswept Studios

WHY I CHOSE THIS GAME: Zombies & Shotguns. 'Nuff said.



Keo: Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime by Asteroid Base

WHY I CHOSE THIS GAME: Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime is a 21st century update to the game I grew up loving; asteroids.

Throw 2-player co-op into the mix and I can spend hours with my girlfriend blowing up space evilness.

How can you argue with the creator's (Jamie Tucker) inspiration "We got the idea for the concept from the scene in Star Wars: A New Hope where Luke and Han both run to either turret in the Millennium Falcon to fight off the TIE fighters."

What can I say I'm a lover.



Kris: Guns of Icarus by Muse Games

WHY I CHOSE THIS GAME: At first look core PC gamers might dismiss Guns of Icarus. After getting some hands on time though, gamers will find a great co-op game that could make for some insane team work and shenanigans. Imagine 4 people screaming at each other to repair the guns and blimp while you all fall to your doom. Winning feels great and losing is still fun. Guns of Icarus seems like an ideal LAN game.



Jeff: Legend of Dungeon by Robot Loves Kitty

WHY I CHOSE THIS GAME: I have been vaporized by a warlock’s magic missile. I’ve also been eaten by a zombie, crunched by a skeleton, murdered by a lich and when I thought nothing else could go wrong I’ve managed to fall into a lava pit. This is how I’ve spent my afternoon playing Legend of Dungeon furiously carving my way through endless stone catacombs with sword, axe, saber and crowbar all in the name of gold and the promise of what waits below on the 26th level.

It’s a roguelike brawler which means procedurally generated levels, random loot and the cold, unfeeling embrace of permanent death. It’s also supremely fun to play. What enables the game to shine is the myriad of special touches like 4 player local coop, lighting, dynamic music, gorgeous pixel graphics and a good sense of humor.

Legend of Dungeon is in alpha right now but you can buy in to early access and start your adventure now here.



Romeo: Soundodger by Bean

WHY I CHOSE THIS GAME: The concept for Soundodger is very simple- dodge the projectiles aimed in your general direction that are specifically choreographed to a song. Not only do you get to pass the time playing this addictive game, but every level is an original track ranging in genre from pop/rock to dubstep. What's better than playing a fun game while listening to good music? How about the ability to get customized levels based on an uploaded track of your choice- a feature that Designer Michael Molinari hopes to have added soon. Play this game for free now on Adult Swim Games.



The IndieCade Festival is the only stand-alone independent-focused game festival in the nation. Check it out this fall from October 3-6 in Culver City, California.