E3 2013- A Closer Look At The Evil Within

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Everything at the Bethesda booth related to The Evil Within conveyed a sense of eerie dread, from the macabre trailer playing overhead to the larger-than-life statue of a safe-headed butcher occupying a corner of the demo waiting area. The demo we would see definitely reinforced the idea that the survivor horror title would live up to its promise to deliver pure horror. We were soon introduced to Lead Producer Masato Kimura as he described the intent of his first return to survival horror since Resident Evil 4 - to take the genre back to its original roots and emphasize limited resources to create a delicate balance between horror and action.

"You will experience unimaginable fears, and then the triumph of overcoming those fears.”

As the gameplay begins, we meet Detective Sebastian Castellanos as he is called to a mental institution where the staff have been brutally slaughtered. In the opening sequence, we immediately noticed two things about the dreary environment as Sebastian drives up to the asylum's gates. Not only does the rain in the scene create a sense of impending doom, but we see it interact with the environment as it bounces off walls, characters' shoulders and even the camera. It also looks like nearly every surface - every brick, every stone - is tessellated. These two effects create a lifelike setting that, in conjunction with the great use of lighting and shadows, draws the player into the nightmarish environment. As usual, things go horribly wrong during the investigation and Sebastian finds himself in the fight for his life. One can't help but empathize with his vulnerability as he is practically defenseless and already injured, forced to limp around as he attempts to evade and escape.

This creepy butcher greeted us at the Bethesda booth. Whether or not it is in the game is still to be seen.

After the group demo, we waited for our chance for a more in-depth interview with Kimura. However, we were pleasantly surprised when Shinji Mikami - Lead Director of the game, creator of the Resident Evil franchise, and godfather of the genre - walked through the doors instead. See our interview with Mikami as he, with the help of a translator, discusses what it took to make this game truly terrifying, his favorite portion from the demo, and a pivotal scene to the story.

The Evil Within will be released in 2014.