EA Origin Sale: Titanfall 20 Percent Off

Gaming News

If you've been looking to boost up your PC games library, EA's Origin service has a bit of a fire sale going on.

This past week, EA launched their "Gigabytes of Deals" sales event, putting a ton of their most popular titles out for a heavily discounted digital download price, with some titles as much as 50 percent off until April 23.

Here's all of the big deals—and if you're buying, make sure you're logged into Origin:

  • The Sims 3 — $9.99 (From $20)
  • All Sims 3 DLC — 33-50% Off

That's quite the hefty selection of PC titles, arguably near enough to rival that of a Steam sale.

And as a reminder, the original Dead Space is completely free, so if you've never played it before, pick that up at the very least.