Eight Excellent Games Worth Playing On SHIELD Android TV


Today at the Google I/O developers conference, NVIDIA SHIELD was unveiled as the flagship of Android TV. NVIDIA SHIELD transforms your experience from just watching TV to playing TV. It's about amazing, interactive experiences, powered by the latest technologies and apps—. The hottest TV shows and movies in brilliant 4K. Your favorite songs at the touch of a button. And a new generation of great games.

Armed with the world’s most advanced processor, Tegra X1 — with its 256-core NVIDIA GPU and a 64-bit CPU — NVIDIA SHIELD is primed to usher in an exciting new era of console gaming with 4K video capabilities, unprecedented power efficiency and performance, and the ability to run visually demanding PC blockbusters like Crysis 3 without a hitch.

Here is a look at eight of the best gaming experiences on the new NVIDIA SHIELD.

Doom 3: BFG Edition

Coming soon on Android exclusively for the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV, Doom 3: BFG Edition is the definitive version of id Software’s horror-themed FPS hit. The game boasts a slew of enhancements to the original version of Doom 3 including remastered visuals, more detailed hellions to lay waste to and newly improved sound and effects that heighten the game’s tension-filled atmosphere.

BGF Edition includes the complete Doom collection of games: Doom (including Ultimate Doom’s add-on fourth episode, Thy Flesh Consumed), Doom II, Doom II: No Rest for the Living, Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil and Doom 3: The Lost Mission. That’s a lot of imp-blasting in one game.

Doom’s fast-paced corridor shooting carnage requires quick reflexes and decision making, which works great with the SHIELD controller. Doom 3: BFG Edition’s bloodcurdling visuals and action also look incredible on the SHIELD Android TV as it runs in 1080p at 60fps.

The Talos Principle

Developed by Croteam, the Croatian video game studio perhaps best known as the creators of Serious Sam, The Talos Principle is a thoroughly engrossing and thought-provoking first-person puzzle game that is unlike everything else in its genre.

Weaving a philosophical storyline that borrows some of its ideas and name from Greek mythology’s bronze-fleshed man named Talos, The Talos Principle casts players as a humanoid robot that, after gaining consciousness, must explore its strange surroundings and solve puzzles (more than 120 in total) in order to learn more about its ultimate purpose in life. The choices players make in the game also impact how the storyline unfolds.

The Talos Principle is not only more philosophically rich than your average video game experience, it also looks gorgeous in action. And its distinct sci-fi settings, which merge lush greenery with ancient ruins and futuristic technology, look absolutely jaw-dropping on the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV.


NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV’s library of games offer something for just about everyone such as Flying Wild Hog’s family friendly adventure, Juju. The game drops players in a vibrant animated world where a shaman panda named Juju and his reptilian companion Peyo accidentally release a sinister spirit, which captures Juju’s father Jambee.

Juju and Peyo must embark on a journey to save Jambee and collect a series of mystic keys and ambers in order to seal the evil spirit once and for all. While Juju’s imaginative world is fit for gamers of all ages, there’s a profusion of secrets, hidden areas and boss enemies that provide more of a challenge for experienced gamers.

Juju comes to NVIDIA SHIELD with full support for the SHIELD controller and allows you to play alongside a friend or relative in its thoroughly enjoyable two-player co-op.

War Thunder

Originally released on PC, Mac and PlayStation 4, War Thunder is Gajin Entertainment’s universally-acclaimed next-gen war MMO that puts players in control of authentically recreated and meticulously detailed military vehicles in combat inspired by real battles fought during World War II.

War Thunder lands on SHIELD Android TV with a wealth of gameplay options and features including large-scale online multiplayer warfare, a rich single-player campaign, multiplayer co-op and even a mission editor for you to customize your own battles. It should be noted that the game is in open beta, with the developer set to roll out some features in the near future.

Hotline Miami

Devolver Digital and Dennaton Games’ Hotline Miami is a 2D top-down action romp with over-the-top violence and storytelling set in an 80s-themed world dripping with style. The PC and console version of the game received near universal acclaim for its bold retro-style action and attitude.

In Hotline Miami, players are cast as an anonymous letterman jacket wearing protagonist, sometimes referred to as “Jacket”, who is frequently haunted by visions of a trio of odd characters wearing different animal masks. He is thrust into a bizarre adventure split up into different chapters during which his mission objectives are given to him by an answering machine.

Hotline Miami may possess 8-bit style visuals, but its colorful pixelated world and characters are still quite memorable. The game’s tongue-in-cheek violence and gameplay also looks fantastic on NVIDIA SHIELD and will appeal to fans of classic action games.


OlliOlli is a fast-paced side-scrolling skateboarding game that features delightfully vibrant old-school pixelated graphics. While its gameplay is fairly straightforward—players must perform tricks on their board while landing each perfectly—the difficultly quickly ramps up once players get their bearings during the beginner levels. Once you completely eat it on your skateboard, however, you’re forced to replay the level.

Despite its understated retro visuals, OlliOlli’s gameplay is remarkably deep and features more than 120 real skateboarding tricks and grinds to master in levels that include everything from junkyards to secret military bases.

The game is, without question, one of the most addictively entertaining skateboarding video games to come along in a while.


From Vlambeer, the creative minds that brought us Ridiculous Fishing, and Devolver Digital, comes Luftrausers, a retro-style arcade shooter with stylish sepia-toned pixelated visuals and combat.

In Luftrausers, players pilot a Rauser aircraft as they engage in frenzied aerial combat against land, sea and air vehicles. Rausers are also fully customizable, allowing players to swap out and upgrade their plane’s weapons, fuselage and propulsion systems. In total, there are more than 125 combinations possible for customizing your Rauser war machine.

Always Something Monsters

Receiving a number of accolades and awards from media and the gaming industry including “Best Writing” and “Best Indie Game” during the 2014 Canadian Videogame Awards, Always Sometimes Monsters is an emotionally-driven, retro-style adventure that asks us what we would do when life takes a turn for the worst and everything is going horribly wrong.

Always Sometimes Monsters packs an incredibly ambitious tale that, while devoid of any combat or common role-playing elements like leveling up, is thoroughly immersive and even profound at times. The game allows players to shape their own identity and journey through the decisions they make and the things they say to characters they meet, which all have real consequences to how the rest of the storyline unfolds.

If a game that strives to be more than just entertainment is something that appeals to you, Always Sometimes Monsters is definitely an experience worth checking out on NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV.

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV is available to own starting May 28. For more information on the next-gen set-top box, check out NVIDIA’s SHIELD Android TV page.