Eleven Fantastic Games Released on NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV


With the release of the brand new NVIDIA SHIELD, a whole new realm of gaming and digital entertainment is now available. Using Android TV and Google Play, you can feast your eyes on crystal-clear 4K content including the latest movies, shows, and apps. In addition, the SHIELD comes with an awesome ergonomic controller—the perfect invitation to an endless number of epic gaming sessions, all from the comfort of a plush bean bag or reclining sofa.

The SHIELD’s gaming library is constantly expanding, and any of the titles below are worthy contenders for your free time. If you still can’t get enough, check out our previous gaming roundup as well. With so many great options available, the question isn’t which NVIDIA SHIELD game for Android TV you’ll get addicted to, but how many!

Half-Life 2: Episode 2

Picking up immediately after Half-Life 2: Episode 1’s cliffhanger, where City 17’s Citadel detonates in spectacular fashion while your train tries frantically to escape, Episode 2 continues Gordon Freeman’s struggle to conquer the Combine for good. Unlike the core game and Episode 1, Episode 2 takes place in the vast wilderness. Your main goal is to reach the Lambda Resistance headquarters located deep within the White Forest.

On the way to rendezvous with your allies, you’ll encounter brand new enemies, including the Hunter—a fierce and relentless walker, and two new Antlion strains—a grubby maggot that glows in the dark (and restores your HP), and a worker drone that chucks acid. You’ll also be able to accomplish all sorts of improvised Dukes of Hazzard jumps using the game’s ramshackle 1969 Dodge Charger.

Q.U.B.E Director's Cut

This first-person puzzle game will challenge your problem-solving skills like no other. Q.U.B.E., which stands for Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion, incorporates all sorts of different brain teasers, such as jigsaw puzzles, physics-related obstructions, twitch-based platforming mechanics, and more. There’s not much hand-holding here, so you’ll have to rely on your wits and ingenuity to make it through each stage.

The Director’s Cut of Q.U.B.E comes with a DLC time-trial mode with 10 exclusive levels, a completely revamped story for the single-player portion, and a re-mastered soundtrack that includes newly recorded music. The further you make it through the game, the more Q.U.B.E. changes in style and presentation. It’s a pretty remarkable trip from start to finish.

Never Alone

Never Alone is an fascinating, narrative-driven side-scroller based off the Iñupiat culture in Alaska. The tale surrounds a small girl name Nuna and her spirit companion—a ghostly white fox. Together, they try to figure out the cause of a never-ending, deadly blizzard that’s preventing their village from hunting. If you and a friend would like to play together, one of you can take control of the fox in co-op mode.

Right from the beginning, you’ll be able to watch some behind-the-scenes type of videos on the Iñupiat called Cultural Insights (you can unlock a total of 24 as you make it through the game). These videos help immerse you into a rich and complex society that’s at the core of Never Alone’s story. Learn more about the game here.


Remember Atomic Punk from the arcades? BRAWL is a lovingly crafted recreation of that, but with a goth-horror and darkly comedic twist. After picking one of the eight delightfully disturbing characters, such as a homicidal clown, creepy little girl, undead mannequin, and others, you’ll race around a top-down perspective maze filled with blocks, enemies, and obstacles, attempting to blow up everything in the way.

While the single-player story mode is meaty and enjoyable, BRAWL really tailors towards multiplayer. You can challenge three of your pals in the chaotic versus/arena section, go one-on-one in duel mode, or take a shot at color domination, where you saturate the playing area with different colors using specialized bombs. If you’re throwing a party on a Saturday night, BRAWL is a fantastic choice.

Burn Zombie Burn

Burn Zombie Burn is a retro gamer’s paradise. Calling back to arcade titles of yore, you move your character (Bruce) around a top-down perspective map while destroying piles upon piles of never-ending undead. Each new wave of zombies brings more enemies to dispatch, and you can put them in their place using flamethrowers, micro-atomic mines, pistols, Uzis, and loads of other destructive weapons.

You goal is earn the most points possible, utilizing creative combos and quick reactions to snag the best numbers. Burn Zombie Burn is a fantastic game for those looking to kill a few minutes here and there, but it also appeals to the more hardcore crowd looking to test their twitch-based skills.

Exiles: Far Colony

In Exiles: Far Colony, a third-person RPG, you can choose from one of three character classes (male or female for each) and then take to exploring a massive open-world on an alien planet. There are quite a few cool and futuristic ways to travel, including jet-bikes and bi-pedal mechs. As you begin darting from one location to the next, it becomes clear that an oppressive authority system has been trying to wipe out the population using a weaponized virus.

By consistently using the various skills and fighting methods granted by your class, you’ll level up and grow stronger over time. This will come in handy, because there’s no shortage of giant alien bugs ready to murder you at a moment’s notice. The harsh, dusty landscape and stone-cobbled colonies mixed with exotic weapons and NPCs all add to a deeply engrossing experience.

Funk of Titans

Good humor goes a long way, especially in platform games. Funk of Titans is a perfect example. It takes place in a funk-themed archaic Greece, where Zeus wants nothing more than for his humans to dance, sing, and generally party down. Problem is, the Music Titans aren’t too keen on the funk music (Zeus’s choice melodies), and they’re out to replace it with rap, rock and roll, and pop. For shame!

With over 40 levels to hop and fight through, you’ll guide the Funky Champion—a heavily modernized Perseus—through a quest to prevent the Music Titans from turning the population into rhythmic zombies. Funk of Titans has a wonderful cartoonish quality to it, and incredibly fluid movement. The SHIELD controller really shines with this game.

Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians

Another musically inspired game, Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians employs gorgeous, hand-painted graphics that intermingle with exclusive songs from artists such as Austin Wintory, Parov Stelar, Sabrepulse, and La Rochelle Band. To take out your enemies and conquer each stage, you’ll need to move Beatbuddy in harmony the tempo and flow of the music.

At first, you’ll have only a few obstacles and bad guys to worry about, but throughout each new level, you’ll be presented with more and more challenging puzzles than the last. It’s easy to get happily lost in the gameplay, and before long, you’ll realize that hours have passed since starting it.

Frozen Synapse Prime

Turned-based strategy games can be tough to come by these days—especially superior ones. Luckily for you, Frozen Synapse Prime delivers. Each turn involves mapping out your troops’ movements and actions through a maze-like level. After your opponent does the same, both sides’ warriors are unleashed, and you get to witness the results in real-time.

The magic of Frozen Synapse Prime lies in the many different choices and remarkable level of control you have over your grunts. You can order a soldier to stop at certain corners, sweep the surrounding area for threats, or even dodge enemies if noticed. You’ll never feel like a death or victory is caused by random chance—it’s the tactics alone that’ll make or break your missions.

Game of Thrones HD

Another Telltale adventure based off their tried-and-true episodic adventure format, Game of Thrones HD drops you smack into the gritty continent of Westeros, where ambitious and violent houses clash for the kingship of the Iron Throne. You play as five different members from House Forrester after they’ve been ravaged by the War of the Five Kings.

While House Forrester is a newcomer to those who’ve read the books and watched the show, the game takes place immediately before Season 5, and has a number of voice-actors from the HBO series, as well as their characters. Just like the game’s source material, you can expect calculated betrayal, subterfuge, and unsettling brutality around every corner.


Inspired by classic point-and-click adventure games such as Escape from Monkey Island and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Machinarium’s controls and interface are incredibly simple to learn, but its puzzles and mini-games are notably complex. You’ll need to push your reflexes as well as your mind into overdrive if you want to succeed.

It’s amazing how many emotions the developers put into Machinarium’s plot without any of the characters ever saying a word. Throughout the many hours exploring the mechanized city, you’ll relive many of the robot protagonist’s heartbreaks, joys, and hardships. Additionally, the analog music and intricate art style add a rich and engrossing atmosphere to the game’s world.

Buy an NVIDIA SHIELD and get free loot!

On top of all these terrific games for Android TV, there are loads of extras if you buy an NVIDIA SHIELD. For a limited time, ordering a basic SHIELD will earn you a spiffy $30 Google Play credit and three months of free Google Play music. If you decide to go for a SHIELD Pro, you’ll also pocket a free copy of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! for free. Check out here for more info!

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